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Public Works Department


   The City of Jefferson City Public Works Department day-to-day activities are supported by six divisions and is headed up by the Public Works Director and six supervisors.  The department employs thirty-six people and has more than sevety vehicles and other equipment to cary out service and maintenance to our city.   The Public Works Department is responsible for all city streets, including right-of-way maintenance, street signs, pavement markings, brush and snow removal, street cleaning and storm drains.  The department is also responsible for building maintenance, fleet and equipment maintenance, as well as maintaining approximately 130 miles of water lines and approximately 60 miles of sewer lines in the city on a daily basis.  The Public Works Department also oversees the production of potable water and wastewater management.  We currently are producing approximately 3.2 million gallons of potable water per day, and treating approximately 1 million gallons of wastewater per day.  The City provides weekly curbside garbage pick up, curbside yard waste pick up, and bi-weekly curbside recycling.  Public Works personnel respond to approximately 4,000 requests for service each year.  The Public Works Department also assists other city departments in their services to citizens and industry.

Mike Jones, Director of Public Works and Safety


Location: 1032 N. Highway 92, Jefferson City, TN 37760

Phone: (865) 475-6617
Emergency/After Hours: (865) 475-3251

Mike Jones- Director of Public Works and Safety
Sandra Anderson- Public Works Administrative Assistant
Bob Molzon- Water and Sewer Utility Supervisor
Gene Hanks- Building and Maintenance Supervisor
Brian Rhodes- Street and Sanitation Supervisor
Frank Nash- Fleet and Equipment Supervisor
Don Collins- Water Plant Operations Supervisor
Freeman T. Reneau- Wastwater Plant Operations Supervisor


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